Lost a Pet?

Lost a Pet?

If you have lost your pet …

Send an email to us at: ReuniteALAnimals@gmail.com
    Include the following information:

  • Photo of pet
  • Your contact information
  • Location: where the pet went missing
  • Date your pet went missing


  • On foot
  • Visit neighbors; go door-to-door
  • Drive around looking for pet.
  • Scour the area the pet was lost and talk to people.


  • Your veterinarian
  • All veterinarians within a 30 mile radius
  • Your neighbors. Go door-to-door.
  • Local police. Ask them to alert cruisers in the area to be on the lookout.
  • Humane Societies in your area
  • Animal Control in your area
  • If your pet is microchipped, contact the microchip company to let them know he/she is missing

Make flyers that include the following information:

  • Color photo of the pet
  • Use large and bold font for the words “Lost” or “Missing” and “Cat” or “Dog”
  • Location where the pet went missing
  • Date your pet went missing
  • Contact information

Places to put your flyers

  • Everywhere!
  • Hand out to your neighbors
  • In your neighborhood
  • Give to local veterinarians
  • Give to local humane societies

Place ‘lost’ listings

  • In your local newspaper
  • On Craigslist
  • PetLinker
  • Nextdoor for your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods

Email / Social Media: post photo of pet, location lost, and contact information on

  • Your personal Facebook page
  • Our Facebook page
  • All city/county Facebook pages: Police department, Fire department, Library, etc

Visit these places in person to look for your pet

  • All local Humane Societies
  • Animal Control


  • Place your bedding outside. The scent is a strong attractant for an animal.
  • Make a large sign and put it in your front yard. Sometimes when people find a pet they drive around the neighborhood to find the pet’s home.
  • Ask to search your neighbor’s yards. Look under homes and bushes and in drainage areas.
  • If your dog is timid towards strangers, be sure to include special words you may use that will help someone catch the pet before they run off again.
  • Expand your search for miles away, not just close to home.
  • Search around water sources. Pets need water.
  • For Cats: Sprinkle your cat’s used kitty litter around your house. The scent of “themselves” will attract them back home.